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Connect Festival

Music Tuesday 11th September 2007

I think there is a two week delay between stuff happening and me blogging it. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Kerry and I were at the (brand new) Connect Festival in Inveraray on the west coast of Scotland. Here are some good points:

  • Awesome lineup, including Bjork, Beastie Boys, Regina Spektor, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Divine Comedy and on and on…
  • Excellent food
  • Nice vibe
  • Smaller crowd than T in the Park

Here are some not so good things:

  • The mud! The horror!
  • 8 washbasins for 4000 people? I kid not
  • Campsite on a sloping bumpy field seemingly infested with spiders

But they’re all pretty minor, I mean, you don’t have to wash for three days.

There is a metric ass-load of photos on my flickr steam.


Gay for Dave Grohl?

Edinburgh,Music Saturday 8th September 2007

Foo FightersFoo Fighters
I saw Foo Fighters supported by Nine Inch Nails and the Silver Sun Pickups at Meadowbank the other week. It was part of T on the Fringe – the music part of the Fringe events and was an awesome concert. It was a long afternoon event (5-11) but the venue is a good size and there is plenty to keep you occupied. It almost rained a couple of times but for the most part we managed to keep pretty dry. There is a shed-load of pictures on my flickr stream and a video of Dave rocking out – surprisingly good quality from my new camera.


I’m Off to Connect

Me,Music Friday 31st August 2007


Yay, woo.


Olly meets Podcast

Music,Technology Thursday 23rd March 2006

So, I broke the other day and started using iTunes about 3 months after getting my Nano. It is actually not such a bad programme and hasn’t quite taken over my music collection in the evil-hell-spawn way I thought it might. What lead me to use iTunes was the fact that I totally broke my Nano messing around with ipodlinux. I had to do an ipod restore and it was just easier to use iTunes…damn Apple and their bundled easy to use feature packed software. Whilst exploring the iTunes interface I came across the vast index of podcasts that Apple let you browse through. I’m now hooked on radio five’s film review podcast, and one from “Security Now” is also quite interesting. It’s like radio for your ipod that you can pause! Great stuff.


Charly’s Boat

Music Tuesday 29th November 2005

I’ve totally forgotten to give some props to my work-mate Blair’s band Charlie’s Boat. You can hear some of their tunes on their myspace page. Looks like they’re playing in Edinburgh on Thursday night, so y’all should go and stuff.


De La Soul

Edinburgh,Music Saturday 10th September 2005

So I’ve been totally slack and not blogged about the De La Soul (up inna’ hizzy) gig. I went to see them last Friday along with James & Catriona and Alex and they rocked. It was the most fun I’ve had at a gig for ages. They got the crowd totally worked up and everyone was bouncing and having a great time. There was lots of “Hands in the air if you love hip-hop!” and “Is the party on the left? or the right?”. Masterful crowd control stuff. It’s not until they started doing their stuff you realise how much material they’ve done and how consistently awesome it all is. It was a great night. Such a shame Kerry couldn’t make it as she was ill. I had to tone down the “awesomeness” when I got home so she wasn’t too jealous :). There are a few (not brilliant) pics up over in the pictures hizzouse.


Beastie Boys A Capella

Music Tuesday 23rd August 2005

Wow, this is super-cool. The Beastie Boys have put up mp3s of A Capella versions of some of their tracks for personal remixing and such.


De La Soul

Edinburgh,Music Sunday 14th August 2005

Toot, toot. De La Soul are playing at Scratch in September and we got tickets.

de la soul

These Are the Breaks

Music Saturday 6th August 2005

These Are the Breaks


The Warriors

Edinburgh,Movies & TV,Music Wednesday 27th April 2005

Kerry and I went to the see TES tonight at the Film House. He was showing a re-editing of the ‘The Warriors‘ with a live hip-hop soundtrack. It was prety damn cool. I’d never seen the film before but Kerry loves it, and now I want to see the full version. He was powering everything off a powerbook aswell, which added to the geek factor 🙂