Amon Tobin

Music Saturday 22nd February 2003


It was pretty damn good, the sound system at the bongo club is bad-ass with a capital B. The warm up guys were ok but everyone was really waiting for Amon, who came on at about 12:30 and busted some nice moves. He also had some superb visuals playing on a semi-transparent screen in front of the stage, they rocked. It had this nifty effect where you’ d get the image on the screen and then it would still shine though and hit the wall behing the decks, double image-tastic. Ian is now named ‘lame Ian’, after waiting through the warm-up guys for about 2 hours he leaves after ~15 mins of Amon’s set. Oh yeah, Bongo Club certainly isn’t the classiest venue in Edinburgh, the gents is basically three toilets in a cupboard. Good stuff though.

I came back at 3am to an empty flat, so immediately cranked up the stereo and played more Amon Tobin 🙂


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  1. Oh so goooooooooooood

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