Lockdown Communique

First blog post in six years, that must be a new record right? Putting aside the current global pandemic a lot has happened to me personally in the last six years: Sold our flat and bought a sensible house, with a garden and everything Had not one, but two children – both boys, now 4½ […]

Scout & Molly

Does this thing still work? Guess I fell out of love a bit with blogging. I’ve done quite a bit of tweeting, a lot of DIY at home, bought a car, and did a lot of work at, er, work. In other news, we got two lovely cats.

2012 in review

Lovely wedding in Englandshire for friends Ruth & Craig. Grant’s stag weekend – I’ve never seen a man smash so many eggs on his head. Cracking weekend in Alnwick – castle, archery, treehouse for dinner. Lost our DSLR camera on the way back. Had an extremely muddy time at T In the Park. An epic […]

2011 In Review

February Visited Marrakech and proposed to my darling Ria. Thankfully, she said yes! Looked at a lot of flats in an attempt to finally get on the property ladder. May Had a wee break on the West coast around Troon. Good ice cream. Went on a mountain biking related stag, somehow survived despite my lack […]


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