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Search Terms of the Month : February

Stats Highlights Thursday 2nd March 2006
  • “revolver plot explanation” – I seem to get a lot of these, it obviously makes everyone elses head explode aswell.
  • “working for waterstones” / “how do i get a job at waterstones” / “waterstones job interview” / “working for waterstones blog” – wow, someone is really keen on working at waterstones.
  • “carhartt fellow jacket” – 2nd result page!
  • “pirate toilet roll” – yarr
  • “continuous high pitched beeping from motherboard” – I did hope someone would find that post useful
  • “techno clubs prague” / “desert eagle shooting prague” – ahh, that brings back some memories.
  • “rome s first episode naked pics” – someone fully utilising the internet there.

Funny Search Terms Of The Month : June

Stats Highlights Friday 15th July 2005

Here you go:

  • crotch shot – err, ok
  • selkirk common riding and selkirk common riding 2005 – woo, popular
  • drunk – me? never!

(If you’re wondering what the heck these are, click below)
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Funny Search Terms Of The Month : July

Stats Highlights Saturday 2nd August 2003

Here they are:

  • funny rants
  • oliver jackson ollie edinburgh (slighty worrying)
  • funny funny funny
  • computer games don’t affect kids. if pacman affected us as kids (from the quotes file)
  • i’m in love with my flatmate (don’t worry, its from the desktop grafitti post)
  • junky movies list