Search Terms of the Month : February

Stats Highlights Thursday 2nd March 2006
  • “revolver plot explanation” – I seem to get a lot of these, it obviously makes everyone elses head explode aswell.
  • “working for waterstones” / “how do i get a job at waterstones” / “waterstones job interview” / “working for waterstones blog” – wow, someone is really keen on working at waterstones.
  • “carhartt fellow jacket” – 2nd result page!
  • “pirate toilet roll” – yarr
  • “continuous high pitched beeping from motherboard” – I did hope someone would find that post useful
  • “techno clubs prague” / “desert eagle shooting prague” – ahh, that brings back some memories.
  • “rome s first episode naked pics” – someone fully utilising the internet there.

One comment

  1. Busted 🙁

    All I wanted was hawt sans toga action.