2 many djs

Music Saturday 28th February 2004

Went to see 2 many djs (aka soulwax) on Friday night with alex. Then venue was City Nightclub, some new fancy-pants place under North Bridge. It was a very nice venue if a little over-sold. The dance floor was getting rather cramped and rock-concert like at times. The support guy (Erol Alkan) was actually just as good as soulwax, they did a good set but it was more like an ordinary dance music set than a kerazy-mad-soulwax set. That was a little dissapointing but they had some brilliant moments such as managing to fit in Stone Roses and Nirvana, which the crowd loved. The only downside was at then end when the cloakroom staff managed to misplace alex’s jumper which meant we had to wait for 30 odd minutes, even though we can see it! This drove us nuts, as we were totally knackered. Good night in all though, and I saw loads of people from computer science, bizzarely.


One comment

  1. I also was a little disappointed that it was a more straightforward DJ set. It was good ofcourse. I can’t conceive of a situation where 2 Many DJs aren’t good.
    I liked the franz ferdinand include. I’m thinking that not too many people back home (Brussels – same as 2ManyDJs) have heard that.
    And I was far too tired to appreciate it properly. Hence I went home at 2:30 and hence I missed 30min wait for Alex’s jumper :0)