Connect Festival

Music Tuesday 11th September 2007

I think there is a two week delay between stuff happening and me blogging it. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Kerry and I were at the (brand new) Connect Festival in Inveraray on the west coast of Scotland. Here are some good points:

  • Awesome lineup, including Bjork, Beastie Boys, Regina Spektor, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Divine Comedy and on and on…
  • Excellent food
  • Nice vibe
  • Smaller crowd than T in the Park

Here are some not so good things:

  • The mud! The horror!
  • 8 washbasins for 4000 people? I kid not
  • Campsite on a sloping bumpy field seemingly infested with spiders

But they’re all pretty minor, I mean, you don’t have to wash for three days.

There is a metric ass-load of photos on my flickr steam.


One comment

  1. ah! you gotta watch out for those spiders. they know they hold power over me because I won’t eat them.