Olly meets Podcast

Music,Technology Thursday 23rd March 2006

So, I broke the other day and started using iTunes about 3 months after getting my Nano. It is actually not such a bad programme and hasn’t quite taken over my music collection in the evil-hell-spawn way I thought it might. What lead me to use iTunes was the fact that I totally broke my Nano messing around with ipodlinux. I had to do an ipod restore and it was just easier to use iTunes…damn Apple and their bundled easy to use feature packed software. Whilst exploring the iTunes interface I came across the vast index of podcasts that Apple let you browse through. I’m now hooked on radio five’s film review podcast, and one from “Security Now” is also quite interesting. It’s like radio for your ipod that you can pause! Great stuff.



  1. Podcasting kicks monkey-butt!

    I’ve been looking at using it for revision for the kids I teach, very funky….
    Tried some sample ones out with a mate of mine for church, http://www.nlc-billingham.com/podcast/ which works quite well, just need to sort out the compression on the MP3… xml file is easy to create…need a mac .. much easier.

    Now if only I had 30Gb on my tsky.net hosting account I could……

  2. Everyone I know seems to be listening to Mark Kermode these days!

    P.S. I knew you’d crack in the end 😉