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Gaming,Me Friday 8th September 2006

The ioquake3 project aims to build on id software’s release of the Quake 3 source code. Tremulous uses ioquake as it’s engine and the project will hopefully allow for many more games that are stand-alone and use a decent engine.


Barter Books

Books,General,Me Monday 31st July 2006

My parents were in Alnwick for the weekend seeing Jools Holland at Alnwick Castle. I got the train down to see them yesterday, Alnmouth station is only an hour on the train from Edinburgh. You can’t go to Alnwick without going to the awesome Barter Books, one of the largest second hand bookshops in Britain. The place is huge! It’s based in Alnwick’s very grand Victorian railway station and has gazillions of second hand books on a myriad of subjects. All pretty reasonably priced, unlike some places in Edinburgh where you can often get the same book new on amazon for a quid more. They’ve also got cases of old first editions and antique stuff, all very nicely presented. Plus a large reading room with newspapers, seats everywhere and very cheap coffee and cakes that you pay for on an honesty basis. It’s a book geeks dream. We could easily have spent the whole day there but we managed to drag ourselves away after an hour and a bit. We had lunch in the courtyard at The Art House which did nice food but the service was a little slow. After lunch we wandered into the town square where the Alnwick International Music Festival was happening and wandered among the trinket stalls listening to Mexican dancing and Lithuanian harp playing. A good day out with some cracking weather.

The book haul:

  • The Bourne Identity
  • Cross of Iron
  • Straw Men
  • Idlewild
  • The Godfather

Anatomy Acts

Edinburgh,Me Friday 19th May 2006

Kerry and I had a Random Day Off on Wednesday this week. It was ace, we totally slept in and then went out into the gorgeous weather for lunch at Howies on Victoria street. I had brocolli and pea soup and then chilli chicken escalope on foccacia, or something. Whatever it was, it was damn tasty. Kerry had corn cakes to start and then some kind of squid thing, which I refused to try in my stuberness.

After lunch we went to see the Anatomy Acts exhibition at the City Art Centre. It was pretty cool, rather gruesome, but very interesting. Lots of models and paintings of the insides and outsides of bodies, medical instruments and very old, very elaborate anatomical texts. They even had some doctor chaps wooden operating trolley from eighteen-oh-something that must have seen a fair bit of blood spilt on it, as the wood was a good browny-red shade on top. It goes over three floors of the gallery and was a lot larger than I was expecting, especially for a free exhibition. They even have some modern medical imagery stuff from MIR and CAT scanners on a big screen which reminded me of the Visualisation course I did at uni.

A great day off, and it made the week seem really short!

Catch Up

Me Monday 10th April 2006

Wow, I’m getting worse and worse at this blogging thing. I was doing really well for a while and now its like “one crappy link post a week”. Sorry about that.

In my defence I have been attempting to post more to Google Sightseeing but still can’t keep up with Alex & Jame’s posting rate. On the upside I think I’ve learnt more general knowledge when composing posts for GGSS than doing anything else for a while now.

In other news Kerry and I took a big step last weekend by purchasing a Dyson DC08 vacuum between us and merging our CD collections. I also got a very shiny new alarm clock form Habitat which is something I’ve been wanting for a while. I’m not going to link to their website as it’s flash and obscenely slow to use, load, and non comprehensive.

Whilst getting software for work we realised that you can go out and buy a really old version of photoshop and then get the much cheaper upgrade option to a super new version like CS2. Saving you about £300 in the process. I managed to get an apparently “brand new sealed” version of photoshop 5.5 for a tenner off ebay. We’ll see how legit it is once it arrives. Of course, I now have to shell out £100+ to get the upgrade to CS2. I think I’ll wait for a good month before I get that.



Me Wednesday 8th March 2006

We won the pub quiz again last night by a hairs-breadth. We were tied right at the end with one other team, then we tied again on the “jackpot round” so we went to a tie-breaker:

“In what year was Alexander Graham Bell awarded the patent for his telephone?”

…and Kerry got it right on the nose: 1876.



Me Monday 13th February 2006

Yikes, almost a month since the last update. I’m slipping into Turnbull Bros. territory. So, what have I been up to?

Work is crazy busy with two more sales staff employed and us therefore having to provide infrastructure and hardware to support them. Our latest major project was the awesome Package Builder, which was mainly Sandy.

Kerry and I went home for a weekend at the start of February for “xmas”. It was nice to have a 2nd round of pressies, see everyone, get fed and muck about down at the beach. Didn’t see much of my sister as she was having car troubles. There are some pictures up on flickr. I got a kick-ass watch off my parents and a bottle of Quarter Cask Laphroaig which is great stuff.

On the web front I have done some work on my re-design but progress is slow. I’ve moved to a left aligned layout but still fixed width. I’m still aiming to get the whole thing done before the big reveal, lets just say I’ve used more colours than just grey and erm, grey this time. I finally got around to upgrading to WordPress 2.01 which was surprisingly painless but gawd do I need ssh on my hosting, it’s so wasteful over ftp.

Oh, I finally fixed up the bike I pulled out a skip about two years ago. I replaced the inner tubes, cleaned it up and scraped tons of muck out of the chain rings and derailers (Sandy would be proud). I won’t be entering any extreme downhill competitions with this thing, but it does the job of getting around town.

The Super Shonky™ IBM hard drive that was struggling along in my desktop PC finally starting cracking-up last Friday. I was geting nasty blue-screens with MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION which I tracked down to the secondary IDE channel. If I took the IBM drive off, they went away. Thing is, it has all my MP3s on it, so I’ll need to wrangle them off at some point. I got so annoyed at Windows during this I put my old GeForce 4 card in my linux box, installed a ton of modules and other stuff and configured my X setup properly. With some help from Synergy I now have both my Windows and Linux boxes controllable from one keyboard and mouse, my screen thankfully has two inputs.

I also saw a ton of movies but I’d better put them in a seperate post before you drop off…


Best Of 2005

Me Saturday 14th January 2006


Getting a new flat with just kerry and myself

Two stag parties! both awesome, Rick’s and James’

Seeing de la soul with Alex and James


Finally ditching my CRT for a flatscreen

Movies & TV

The Serenity premiere
Batman Begins
Sin City
Rome (roll on season two)
The mighty Battle Star Galactica
Lost, if it would stop dragging everything out so much


Google Maps & the rise of Google Sightseeing

…and lots of other things that I can’t remember about. 2006 already….blimey.



Me,Technology Friday 6th January 2006

So, about 6 months after I realised I needed to upgrade my PC I’ve finally done it!

I now have a shiny AMD Sempron 3100+ on a Gigabyte K8NS-PRO with a Gig of Crucial RAM. This also means I now have the mighty increased speed of USB 2.0, SATA drives, Firewire and lots of other things that my old motherboard didn’t support. Needless to say, pretty much everything runs a heck of a lot quicker.

This whole hardware thing had moved on a bit since I last put a PC together (man, that makes me sound old). The motherboard has a nice plastic guide thing for the heatsink and it all clips in very neatly and easily. No jamming a screwdriver into fiddly bits of metal and forcing clips onto tiny bits of plastic. This motherboard has something daft like 3 RAID controllers, onboard sound, LAN, kitchen sink etc which makes the BIOS setup screen an absolute mess of options – the only downside to all this increased complexity. So far though, everything has run very smoothly and my CPU temperature when under load has dropped to around 30°C (from 60°C plus).


Happy New Year

Me Monday 2nd January 2006

It’s the 2nd and I’m only just posting this….slackness ahoy.

New Years Eve was really good fun. Kerry finished worked at 8 so after that we got ready and headed down to Alex’s flat with two carrier bags full of booze. The place was already pretty jumping when we got there so we set about playing with the mighty Cocktail Machine which now used RFID tags for user logins! Pretty clever stuff. Lots and lots of people were there, about 8 people seem to live in this house and so there were a lot of friends and cliques to invite. At 12 we got a good view of the fireworks off the crags and Graeme had some cute little garden fireworks which we set off. After that it was just more fooling around, eating sausages off the barbeque, covering silly things in chocolate with the chocolate fountain and talking with, ex-flatmate of 4 years, Pete (who I hadn’t seen in about 2 years). We eventually left about 4:30 am and after walking Pete home crashed into bed. Bloody good night 🙂

More pictures up on Flickr.


New Camera

Me,Technology Thursday 29th December 2005

With my hard earned xmas bonus I’ve splashed out on a new digital camera, a Pentax Optio 60.

pentax optio 60

It’s a 6 mega-pixel thing with oodles more features than my old skool Fuji 2800. I will miss the mighty 6x optical zoom but I absolutely will not miss the size of the flippin’ thing. It was huge. Get ready for an influx of pictures when my new one arrives.