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New Netscape

General Saturday 4th December 2004

Netscape? Whoah, everyone thought you were dead! But damn! The new you is u-g-l-y:

“The new Netscape is based on Firefox, but with a twist – it includes support for switching to Microsoft’s IE engine.”

Oh dear god…



General Saturday 4th December 2004

Last Friday I went to my first Thanksgiving dinner kindly hosted by Jed (aka Neil) at his and Ian’s place. There were a few initial delays but we had plenty of wine to keep us occupied and when we got to the food it was delicous. He’d cooked a huge turkey (that had apprently taken an age to defrost) and to go with it we had sweet potatoes, stir-fried sprouts with almonds (very nice), stuffing, gravy and a carroty type salad which was curiously nice. We polished all that off with strawberry cheesecake and chocolate roulade, and some belt slackening…


Gallery Update

General,Meta Saturday 4th December 2004

A couple of gallery updates to feast your eyes on. The first is from Jed’s birthday party about a month ago which was rather hilariously fancy dress. See if you can work out who everyone was supposed to be (sorry about the lack of focus).

Jed’s Birthday Gallery

The second is from when my parents were up visiting about three weeks ago. We took them along to the Falkirk wheel which is pretty impressive and looks good in photos (see then new header image).

Falkirk Wheel Gallery


Damn Shame…

General Tuesday 26th October 2004

John Peel has died from a heart attack while on holiday in Peru.

“A balance between things that you know people will like and things that you think people will like.”

Power Of Nightmares

General Monday 18th October 2004

This new programme on BBC2 look very interesting in our increasingly different world.



General Saturday 25th September 2004

Woo-woo. Looks like Ben and I have secured the flat we wanted. We’re going along to the agency on Monday to sign things and pick up the keys 🙂 :). Now, I’ve just got to move all my junk in…


Best Pirate Thing….Ever

General Friday 17th September 2004

Pirate Toilet Roll

Pirate toilet roll! “Keeps Your Booty High And Dry” genius….

From the Pirate Bath Collection.


Happy Birthday Mario

General Monday 13th September 2004

Yes, the first Mario game came out 19 years ago today in Japan in 1985. To celebrate this I give you these images:



General Thursday 19th August 2004

Travelling is strange at times. One minute I can be sipping coffee in the dawn sun at home in chemical suburb Billingham. In an hour I can be climbing over mine spoil heaps in Nenthead with rabbits scampering around and grouse flying overhead. Give me another couple of hours and I can be back in the city muggy-heat of Edinburgh with the smell and sounds of the festival on the air.



General Wednesday 28th July 2004

Your weblog owns 18.75 % of you.

Does your weblog own you?


Acronym Of The Day

General Thursday 18th March 2004


Gorilla Comes Out Of F*cking Nowhere


Explanation of ‘morans’

General Tuesday 17th February 2004


British Blog Awards

General Saturday 20th December 2003

The Guardian have announced their best of british blog awards. I was skimming the article and noticed that my vague aquaintance george was commended in the photography section! holy crap! Congrats to George!

He is far too good with that camera



General Saturday 20th December 2003



Check It Out

General Wednesday 17th December 2003

Christmas has arrived.


Words That No One Uses Anymore

General Tuesday 14th October 2003

Edinburgh Urban Photography

General Monday 25th August 2003

Just found all these site: – mostly grafitti/stencil stuff – photography with a sprinkling of stencils – damn good b&w photography around Edinburgh, especially this one


Stencil Goodness

General Monday 25th August 2003

mouse stencil

mouse stencil



General Sunday 20th July 2003

Random quick entry from a web phone thingy in heathrow. keyboard is ass


Radebaugh’s Future

General Wednesday 16th April 2003

Superb images like this:

and many, many more here. “The Future We Were Promised”.

(via boingboing)


Genius Advert

General Monday 14th April 2003

First saw this when we were watching the Grand Prix last weekend and its very, very well done. It seems to have hit the newspapers recently and they claim is was done in one take. Even if that take was the 606th one. Its advertising the new Honda Accord and consists of lots of bits of the car interacting with each other, cartoon style, in a huge chain of events. Its hard to describe, you’ll have to watch it for yourself.


It seems the actual advert only used one small amount of CG, pretty impressive. Even that was just to join the two halves together.



General Monday 27th January 2003

Which OS are You?
Which OS are You?



General Thursday 31st October 2002

I’m kinda running out of space on my current host and their upgrade plans are not the cheapest in the world. So, I’m on a mission to find a host that offers ~100MB for less than £5 per month. If anyone knows anywhere good, drop me line.


UK ISPs do something good!

General Tuesday 22nd October 2002

The UK ISP community has refused to sign up to insane government plans to monitor all internet traffic. Good on ’em!
Full story here courtesy of the guardian:,7369,816523,00.html


William Gibson

General Saturday 12th October 2002

The Gibson-meister, one of my fave authors finally has a new book out in the spring of next year. Seems quite nifty aswell, set in London and no doubt having lots of other yummy stuff. I am looking forward it a lot. Check out all the gossip here at one of the better gibson ‘fan’ sites.


Good Things

General Monday 30th September 2002

This exhibition is coming to town after a stint at the Barbican. This is very good news, I love exhibitions and musems. 🙂

In other news, this video is just the best thing EVAR!


Mulholland Drive

General Thursday 26th September 2002

Just watched David Lynch’s latest film Mulholland Drive. Wow. I mean you just have to watch it, and then maybe watch it again and then read a synopsis that describes the plot. Then you might ‘get it’ and its very clever. Plus you start noticing all the little things and gawd…its good.


Photo Mission Failure

General Thursday 29th August 2002

Roger that, failure sir. Out.



General Wednesday 28th August 2002

I’m on a mission today to take some good photos or at least get something different. Check back tomorrow to see if I get anything.


Rich Hall

General Wednesday 28th August 2002

Went to see the comedian Rich Hall on monday night. He was pretty good although I’m sure he reused a couple of jokes from last year. As usual we seem to have missed everything at the festival. The first show we see is on the last day :). Theres always nexy year (hrm, we said that last year).


Battlefield 1942

General Saturday 24th August 2002

This game is rather good. In fact its the most fun I’ve had since counter-strike was ‘new’. You can drive ships, planes, tanks, jeeps, APCs, landing craft and aircraft carriers. Yes, Aircraft Carriers.
It’s currently only a Multiplayer Test but is still fun, play are selling it for £29.99.

and here’s EA’s flashy site


Charlies’s 21st

General Tuesday 13th August 2002

Well, that was a damn good party. Many pictures are now up in the gallery section. Looks like everyone who went is checking them out:

(my site hits go through the roof)