SMTP Disclaimer

Technology Tuesday 20th November 2007

This guy is a genius. His SMTP server has a customised welcome message which includes a URL to a page of disclaimers that override any of those stupid signature disclaimer messages.



  1. Thanks for the link.

    One thing I noticed is that you have three references in Technorati with different authority ratings. The lower rating in Technorati gives you less of an ego boost (if you care about such things) and also indicates that search engines will probably have similar issues and therefore you will get less readers from Google etc.

    The fact that the string “wordpress/” is optional in your URL is part of the problem (using a 301 to give one canonical URL would reduce the problem by at least one). I’m not sure what the cause of the third one is.

    Incidentally do you use the permalink-redirect plugin or have the latest version of WordPress, they are supposed to solve these problems.

  2. Hey Russell,

    Thanks for the info. Yeah, I’ve got some decidedly “shonky” .htaccess/redirecting/domain-parking going on, which probably isn’t helping my awesome technorati authority. Apparently you can raise a ticket at technorati and they can merge the URLs. I’ll see if that helps…

    Yeah, I am using the latest version of the marvellous WordPress.