1. I had a similar experience with the car tax site – except in my case I had to pick the exact few shortlisted days in which I could order a new tax disc. If you log on when you get the reminder you are told you will be billed for an extra month, so you wait, then when you try again in a week’s time it informs you it won’t arrive on time.
    No information on when you should order the disc online between. Just randomly “yes order now” or “i’m about to waste a month of your money”
    typical of public-funded services. all fur coat and no underwear.

  2. Don’t worry, mate, they’ll soon lose all the records and then they will pop up on open access somewhere on the web 🙂

  3. They have all the digits, par the last two on the council tax payment cards.

    I pay my council tax online here:

    … and they ask for the full 11 digits, so i manually wrote on the last 2 digits onto my card …. totally retarded!