Art of War

Design Wednesday 23rd May 2007

The UK National Archives currently have a very nice online exhibition on the Art of War. It has quite a range of materials and includes decent sized quality images as well as ‘zoomable’ versions. All quite competently assembled! It also has a good range of the “comic” style art which would probably get called “pop art” these days. They remind me of Lichtenstein’s Whaam! which is hanging right over my desk as I type this.

Via Joe at the Forbidden Planet Blog.



  1. Funny thing being Lichtenstein has been villified by several prominent comics artists for ripping off other artist’s work for his own gain. I actually like his stuff, but when you see original comics panels which are totally identical it makes you think, hold on…

  2. Absolutely, he was a complete rip-off artist. However, it doesn’t make his stuff not good.

    I used to have a t-shirt with a gundam on it which was a rip off of a rip off 😉

    Gundam Whaam