Edinburgh Coffee Morning

Edinburgh,Technology Friday 23rd March 2007

I went along to my first Edinburgh Coffee Morning today at a startlingly early 8am. Met up with Nico on the way who was cycling to work, I should really start doing that. Anyway, the coffee chat was excellent. Talked to lots of different people: designers, developers, teachers, advertisers. It’s an eclectic mix of folks and makes for a good range of topics, generally about web “2.0” (god I’m sick of that term). Let’s see who I can remember: Johnnie Walker, Mike, Ewan, Phil and lots of other people who’s names I can’t remember. I’ll definitely try and make it next week.


One comment

  1. Top O Olly.

    Grand to see you there/here at Coffee Morn.

    The more the merrier.

    Hope to see you next week and at Refresh.