Technology Tuesday 9th January 2007

No doubt I’m adding to the general blog buzz here about the latest Apple announcement but it’s just too shiny to pass up. Yes, it is called the iPhone even though Linksys own the name (or whatever that last rumour was). It’s a combination of the “wide screen video iPod” and the “apple mobile” rumours. I have to say, I want one.

In real terms, they are far too expensive, will probably scratch easily and aren’t out in Europe until the end of the year. Still shiny though…


One comment

  1. I love the way Apple spent a couple of years negotiating to buy the rights to the name and are now saying they don’t need to because the other company’s Iphone is totally different from theirs, so it wouldn’t infringe trademark. Sure they’d feel happy if someone pad a new digital music device called an Ipod… There is also going to be only one carrier for the service, so you get no competition for services or deals, which is never a good thing.