Design,Meta Monday 24th July 2006

So I finally got bored of tweaking my re-design and just decided to stick it online. Still got lots of bits to tidy up…

Update: So I’ve tidied it up a bit. Made the logo clickable, added the old design to the design archives, updated the about page. Oh and yeah, it is a bit web 2.0 ain’t it? I think its the cheesey reflection under the logo. I should probably have mentioned earlier that I now have embedded hReviews for my ‘review’ type posts along with linked hCard.



  1. Very nice Olly. Nice an clean. Only suggestion I’d make it to maybe give the right hand column it’s own background color or a seperating line or drop shadow or something 🙂

  2. OMG WEB 2.0

    Nice though. Perhaps more distinction between the posts?

  3. Oh, and click the to go home!

  4. Fook. Click the *logo* to go home. I’ll shut up now.

  5. Cheers for the comments guys. Yes, it is a bit web 3.0 🙂 I think its the apple-like reflection thing on the logo that does it. I’ve made the logo clickable aswell (when you’re not on the index page of course)

  6. OMG, logo not clickable. I was bored just looking at the design (no offence!), the less grey star thing is funny though.

    “We have a code 415 in progress on Olly’s website”, “Repeat .. I MEAN SAY AGAIN SAY AGAIN SAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!”

  7. You should have used this:

  8. Not been on the net for a while. Nice redesign. Good n simple.