Blueyonder, I Love You

Me,Technology Sunday 30th October 2005

I’ve just realised that I haven’t blogged about the free blueyonder speed increases. I was originally on a pretty standard 1Mb cable line, but now have a mighty 4Mb! This is mainly the cable companies playing catch-up with ADSL and completely out-doing them so they don’t get left too far behind. This new connection means I can download at 500kb/s (that’s kilo-bytes!) and upload at 48kb/s. Awesome 🙂



  1. Oliver are you even speaking english! ahe computer talk scares me! Hi by the way

  2. Is that Mum? Sister? Cousin?

  3. Cousin

    Back off man! :p

  4. What?

    Who do you think I am? 😛

  5. I registered for your site btw, not that that allows me to write any articles or anything 😐

  6. What do you think this is?? A democracy or something? 🙂 Also, you need to get yo’self a gravatar dude.

  7. 4 meg? Me too … Blueyonder. Ain’t it great!