Berliner Guardian

Design Monday 12th September 2005
New Look Guardian

One of the guys at work had a copy of the new look Guardian in its Berliner format. It’s a really nice size, bigger than a scrappy tabloid, but smaller than a full-on broadsheet.

Their new overall look is very clean and modern, and the Guardian already looked pretty contemporary. They’ve created a new font aswell “Guardian Egyptian” was is very slick.

The digital version, which is basically pdfs or jpegs and text, is also free until September 26th to tempt you to have a read.



  1. I’m much impressed. They made a bit of a cockup in getting rid of Doonesbury, but after a few hundred hostile blog comments, several letters of complaint and even a few irate phone calls, it will be back next week.

    I’m so excited by the new format that I’m tempted to get up earlier tomorrow just so that I can read the next edition before work.

    Wonder if I’ll feel the same in the harsh light of day?

  2. They ditched Doonesbury? Morons.

    The thing that struck me about it was how closely it resembled a webpage.

  3. Doonesbury is back already!
    Fear the power of the darkside bloggers.

    It is very web page esque, with the all colour, lots of use of layout and a strong emphasis on navigational linkage.

  4. One article I saw even had hyperlink style definitions of terms, which were then defined in a box at the side. Quite neat.

  5. It is rather fetching, isn’t it. I still prefer the old header though. Helvetica 4 life!

  6. Passnotes
    No256756: TheGuardian

    Didn’t there used to be a newspaper called the Guardian? There still is. Look under that copy of the FT, theres a pile of them.

    What, this? That’s the chap. Nice and blue, isnt it.

    Cripes. Are the printers all on diets? No, that svelte shape is quite the thing on the Continent. And it won’t get caught up in your cardigan when you’re reading on the No 42.

    Oh, small is beautiful and what-not? Precisely. But the Guardian couldn’t just follow the crowd, it’s got a reputation for fearless iconoclasm to uphold.

    Hmm. Does it have any stories in? Come on, even Guardian readers can only take so much in one go.

    Hey, where’s that funny bit with the questions and answers gone? The Times.

    Do say: Ich bin ein Berliner.

    Dont say: Didn’t I read that in the Mail yesterday?