BBC Backstage

Links,Technology Friday 27th May 2005

The BBC recently launched their backstage project that aims to provide lots of the BBC’s data to developers to play around with and develop innovative applications. They currently have lots of RSS/XML feeds for all kinds of data like: news, weather, travel, sport etc. I’ve knocked up a prototype using Google maps and plotting the current UK travel data onto it.



  1. Dear Oliver,

    Came across your site through bbc backstage – nice implementation. I noticed you’re using php..

    I’m just looking into this mapping stuff, and it’s quite confusing working out how it it all works in practice.

    Could you possible give me some ideas on how you do it with php – example would of course be brilliant!

    I understand that google provide the maps, and external xml files provide the co-ordinates and information overlay, but after a long day of looking all over the internet, I’m still not sure of how to do it on my own site, with my own xml file…

    I’ve been playing with the gmaps stuff, with intermittent results..

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    best regards,

  2. its not working