Google Sightseeing

Links,Me,Photography,Technology Thursday 7th April 2005

James, Alex and I have started up a collaborative blog spotting cool stuff in the satellite photos on google maps. Go take a look.

Update: Well, that was massively more successful than we initially thought. We’ve had over eight hundred submissions and apparently we are using up to much of the server’s resources. We’re currently relocating to a friendlier host.

Update, update: Woo-hoo, we’re back!



  1. After a bit of fiddling I found mount rushmore.,-103.458756&spn=0.019548,0.028195&t=k&hl=en

    you can see another map here

    not that impressive tbh


  2. Is it only the USA you can look at?

  3. Currently yes. I’m sure Google will get around to the rest of the world though.

  4. Wahey! They now have google maps uk, although no satellite coverage yet.