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Edinburgh Coffee Morning

Edinburgh,Technology Friday 23rd March 2007

I went along to my first Edinburgh Coffee Morning today at a startlingly early 8am. Met up with Nico on the way who was cycling to work, I should really start doing that. Anyway, the coffee chat was excellent. Talked to lots of different people: designers, developers, teachers, advertisers. It’s an eclectic mix of folks and makes for a good range of topics, generally about web “2.0” (god I’m sick of that term). Let’s see who I can remember: Johnnie Walker, Mike, Ewan, Phil and lots of other people who’s names I can’t remember. I’ll definitely try and make it next week.


Pixar : 20 years of animation

Edinburgh Monday 12th March 2007

The Pixar : 20 years of animation exhibition has arrived in Edinburgh. We need to go and see this.


Good Weekend

Books,Edinburgh,General Wednesday 7th March 2007

My parents were visiting last weekend (and Monday) and we managed to cram in a lot of sights and eating out.


Went out for a brilliant lunch at Centotre, a swish Italian place on George street. We had to wait a while for a table but it was certainly it. I had some gorgeous pasta with really spicy rustic sausage stirred into it. Then a super-chocolaty desert that was all very well presented. Highly recommended. Kerry had to work in the evening so my folks and I went to the Cameo to see Notes on a Scandal. Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Judy Dench is rather menacing when she gets to play a villain and Cate Blanchett is, as usual, gorgeously serene.


Had breakfast out with Ian and Neil and then toured the many second hand bookshops in the South side. I picked up up a load of retro Bond paperbacks which I intend to do something clever with, and Felaheen by JCG.


Killed time in National Gallery on the Mound, playing with their very intuitive touch screen “library” computers. Caught the free galleries bus out to Stockbridge. Saw Off the Wall and Geometry in Art exhibitions at the Modern Art and Dean galleries respectively. Had lunch in the Modern Art cafe, good food and a good location. We took a very meandering route back into town by walking up the Water of Leith footpath through Dean Village and emerging at yet more second-hand bookshops where I got More Eric Meyer on CSS for 2 quid, bargain! In the evening we had Tapas out at Barioja and Kerry had her first drink (of alcohol) for three months!


Web Events in Edinburgh

Edinburgh,Technology Monday 19th February 2007

Web events seem to be sprouting up all of the place at the minute in Edinburgh! I’m attending the Highland Fling conference in April which sounds very interesting. Refresh Edinburgh has also appeared out of the wood-work to hold an event on the day after Highland Fling. Plus, there is Barcamp Scotland happening in March, based in Appleton Tower no less. Interesting times.

Update: Also Web Security Conference Day for Windows Developers from, thanks John.


Puppet Up!

Edinburgh,Reviews Friday 18th August 2006

Last night Kerry and I went to see Jim Henson’s Puppet Improv at the Fringe. It was great! Now, this wasn’t the muppets, as that is a specific off-shoot of the Jim Henson company, this was just a bunch of the Jim Henson trained performers with more of the ‘generic’ puppets. Animals, aliens, cartoony humans and such. The stage was set up in such a way that the performers just did their stuff out in the middle of the stage with the puppets above them. There were various large screens in the auditorium which showed the feed from a fixed camera set looking at the stage, but at the level of the puppets. So you could watch the screens and see the kind of view you get on Sesame Street or watch the stage and see how the performers make the puppets do what they do.

With it being an improv show there was a lot of audience partipiation which centered around filthy suggestions and topic which usually got a response of “did that yesterday” and “had that already” from the compére. My favourite sketch was when the audience had to suggest four letter words. Then the assembled puppets had to get from word A to word B by just changing one later at a time in a normal conversation. Needless to say, they got stuck pretty quickly as we chose ridiculously hard words, but that just added to the comedy as the pupppets started sniping at each other. In the end they did manage it but had to resort to a few spanish words and comedy words like “mooo” and “owww”. An excellent show, worth the money, definitely recommended.

My Rating: gold stargold stargold stargold stargold star

Mario Theme Tune on the Royal Mile

Edinburgh,Gaming Tuesday 15th August 2006

Saw these guys performing a version of the Mario theme tune.

Gamers are everywhere these days. The Return

Books,Edinburgh Saturday 20th May 2006

Joe has a great post about Waterstones decision to break out of it’s (totally insane) e-commerce relationship with amazon.

“The new website will embrace employee blogging, a dramatic reversal for the company that emerged last year as the first British company to sack an employee for blogging.

Joe Gordon, 37, who worked for Waterstone’s in Edinburgh for 11 years, was dismissed for personal commentary regarding his day-to-day life at the bookstore on his blog.

However, Mr Giles said HMV’s new digital approach would not extend to rehiring Mr Gordon.”

Man, that is priceless.


Anatomy Acts

Edinburgh,Me Friday 19th May 2006

Kerry and I had a Random Day Off on Wednesday this week. It was ace, we totally slept in and then went out into the gorgeous weather for lunch at Howies on Victoria street. I had brocolli and pea soup and then chilli chicken escalope on foccacia, or something. Whatever it was, it was damn tasty. Kerry had corn cakes to start and then some kind of squid thing, which I refused to try in my stuberness.

After lunch we went to see the Anatomy Acts exhibition at the City Art Centre. It was pretty cool, rather gruesome, but very interesting. Lots of models and paintings of the insides and outsides of bodies, medical instruments and very old, very elaborate anatomical texts. They even had some doctor chaps wooden operating trolley from eighteen-oh-something that must have seen a fair bit of blood spilt on it, as the wood was a good browny-red shade on top. It goes over three floors of the gallery and was a lot larger than I was expecting, especially for a free exhibition. They even have some modern medical imagery stuff from MIR and CAT scanners on a big screen which reminded me of the Visualisation course I did at uni.

A great day off, and it made the week seem really short!

De La Soul

Edinburgh,Music Saturday 10th September 2005

So I’ve been totally slack and not blogged about the De La Soul (up inna’ hizzy) gig. I went to see them last Friday along with James & Catriona and Alex and they rocked. It was the most fun I’ve had at a gig for ages. They got the crowd totally worked up and everyone was bouncing and having a great time. There was lots of “Hands in the air if you love hip-hop!” and “Is the party on the left? or the right?”. Masterful crowd control stuff. It’s not until they started doing their stuff you realise how much material they’ve done and how consistently awesome it all is. It was a great night. Such a shame Kerry couldn’t make it as she was ill. I had to tone down the “awesomeness” when I got home so she wasn’t too jealous :). There are a few (not brilliant) pics up over in the pictures hizzouse.


Have You Ever Seen A Man Painting A Post Box?

Edinburgh,Photography Tuesday 23rd August 2005