Edinburgh,Me,University Saturday 14th December 2002

Ok, just got in from celebratory-end-of-term drinkage with Pete, Neil and Doug.
We headed off to Doctors first, which was ok, if a little quiet.

Then off to Frankensteins which was packed (as usual) where the AI/CS department was having a ‘wake’ in aid of the recent fire at South Bridge.

Then we jumped across the street to Bar Kohl, which is just the best EVAR! We got a pitcher of some gin-vodka thing which was very, very dry. Noticed they had 79.9% proof vodka, left in a hurry before we had any ideas.

Next stop Finnegans Wake where there was the usual irish live music hi-jinks. good atmosphere, nice and busy. Ate a packet of crisps. Noticed big group of Japanese peeps with nice digi-cams.

Then headed down the scorched cowgate to Opium, Edinburgh’s ‘alternative’ club. Somehow managed to bump into Adam. Then the cs4 possee stormed in (on there end of term night out) and we proceeded to hurl insults at Sandy and Tim.
Something about Sandys Mum…
Oh yeah, I swear that group of Japanese folk followed us…

We then stopped for chips and spring rolls and clambered back up to our flat. Much Gamecube action proceeded, along with loud music. Then, bed. Which is where I am now headed.

Olly Out.
Currently Listening : as heard on radio soulwax pt. 2



  1. pubage?

    shouldn’t that be pubbage?

    or are you just a very late developer…….


  2. oh dear….
    fixed now