1. My workflow:

    1. Import photos from memory card (never camera – kills battery) to Aperture, using auto-stack (x photos in y seconds = stack)
    2. Rate and cull (0 stars = keep, 1 star = maybe post, 2 stars = definitely post, 3 stars = standout, bin if out of focus / horribly exposed /etc)
    3. Tag photos using Aperture keywords interface
    4. Using fullscreen mode, tweak exposure, rotation, cropping, colour in that order. Touch up dust specks if needed.
    5. Select photos for upload and feed them to FlickrExport for Aperture. Choose titles, sets, privacy etc. Upload.
    6. Back up Aperture library to an Aperture Vault on external drive.
    7. Local Aperture library gets backed up by Time Machine a few times a day.

    I’ve experimented with keeping my photos on a NAS but the latency tends to make actually DOING things with them quite painful. Local storage FTW, generally.

    I think we’re still a way off cloud storage being practical for multi-GB collections of photos (free? hah!) but NetGear are working on something for their ReadyNAS line

  2. This is Zack Arias: http://www.zarias.com

    He is your new friend, as he has posted up HIS workflow here:

    http://www.zarias.com/workflow-photo-mechanic-to-lightroom-to-photoshop-to-delivery/… See more

    In it, he demonstrates his use of Photo Mechanic, and it does exactly what you want.

    Enjoy 🙂

  3. 1 – Connect camera, open Aperture and hit import
    2 – Go through each photo, touching up/naming/exporting ones I want
    3 – Open FlickrUploader
    4 – Drag photos onto FlickrUploader and add tags/descriptions/whatever
    5 – Hit upload
    6 – Aperture Library gets backed up to external drive by timemachine via FW800 when ever I remember to connect it
    7 – Profit