Houston, we have a problem

General,Meta Sunday 19th April 2009

My Virtual Machine got hosed. Excitingly I wasn’t doing any regular backups so I’ve had to revert to a backup I had from my last-but-one hosting account. Which seems to be from June last year :/ I’m devising some cunning way of pulling all my lost blog posts out of the Google Reader cache. Normal service will be resumed at some point soon.



  1. What did you do to your VM? Just so I know what not to do to mine!

    Also, not on slicehost any more?

  2. Apparently my VM started making the whole server crawl. So the whole machine was rebooted. Then when my VM came back up about 90% of the file system was mince. The admin seemed to think it might have been compromised :/

    I also wasn’t backing up anywhere near as much as I should have been. Needless to say, I am now!

    I needed more memory than the default slicehost and it was getting too expensive. I switched to a mate who gave me a good deal: http://xeriom.net/

  3. Bummer! Bad luck there, not really a lot you can do with a trashed file system.

    Ahh backups, such fun to set up and check! Good ole rsync is doing well for me…

    I like the look of Xeriom, if I end up switching they’re high on the list!