Happy 2008

Me Tuesday 8th January 2008

Happy New Year!

So yeah, this is one of of those “catch up” posts for the new year that everybody seems to be doing. It seems my last post all about me was over two months ago when I moved into my new flat. Slackness.

What has happened since then you ask?

  • I went to Prague – lovely city. Weather wasn’t great and we attempted to visit the Jewish Cemetery on the Sabbath (skills). Lost Ian a couple of times, drank Bekerovka and developed a taste for Mojitos.
  • My sister visited for a weekend – we climbed Arthur’s Seat, went to the Samhuinn Halloween thing and general did touristy stuff
  • Met a Girl
  • Spent Christmas at home with the family. Got lots of shiny things including socks, chocolate and booze.
  • Listened to a lot of Girls Aloud
  • Spent Hogmanay in the Opal Lounge with friends – terrible food, but they compensated us with an extravagant amount of free Moet, wine and cocktails
  • Played far too much Scrabulous on the all-encompassing world destroyer that is Facebook
  • Went to Edinburgh Zoo for the first time – Honey Badgers rock! (so do penguins)
  • Played Crysis (omg shiny), BioShock, Halo 3 on the 360 and just bought the RockStar back catalogue on Steam
  • Assisted in the making of Tapas and had a great evening eating said Tapas accompanied by Mojitos


  1. What about my catch up post you fat slag!

  2. There you go beatch!

  3. OMG! you mention *meeting a laydee* then show pictures of two…! After flipping a coin seventeen times and playing “ip dip pair plum” I am none-the-wiser as to which one you mean.

    oh.. also..
    Happy New Year!
    I too am sl4x0rz in blogging.

  4. Gotta keep you in suspense man!

    If you hover over the link it should mention that she is the lovely lady on the right.

  5. You went to Prague, the home of some of the best beer I have sampled and you developed a taste for Mojitos!

    Maybe see you at barcamp

    Happy new year!