Last day at Scotweb

Work Sunday 3rd June 2007

Shown below is my haul of presents from all the fantastic people I’m no longer working with at Scotweb. The frame at the back is an awesome Scotweb Instant Gift for a Kilt, for me! I’ve been in Scotland now for nearly eight years so I don’t think I’ll lynched for wearing one.

I worked at Scotweb for almost three years, and it has been great fun, I’ve met a lot of really great people and hopefully made some friendships that will survive us not working together. In my last thirty minutes of employment I quickly gathered some random stats from my time at Scotweb:

  • I created approximately 2 Gb of data. Graphics, scripts, source code etc
  • I resolved 2052 bugs in our Mantis bug tracking system
  • I put 226 bugs into the system
  • I may have eaten more than 150 slices of cake as part of our Friday meetings
  • I got to love using an Apple Mac

The best of luck to everyone at Scotweb, especially Doug who has taken over from me as Web & Database Developer.

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  1. Congratulations Olly. Good luck with leveraging folksomonic synergies in web 2.0, or whatever you are going to do next.