1. Hmmm, turned up an opportunity to see it last night because I didn’t like the middle one. Is it more of the same? Does it have running on top of wheel silliness?

  2. I thought it was rubbish…

  3. I looked at some reviews and now I’m not sure I’ll go again :\ Indescision

  4. The most comical moment produced by a monkey. I thought it was average..jack sparrow had lost his charm and the story line was ahaeejeijd!

  5. Saw it with sister and family, begged my sister to take me home half way through. The fighting bores me. I do rather like Mr Depp though; I’d see #s 10, 11, 12 etc for him. I agree with the Keira’s-hair comment you made. The changes were rather poorly tracked by the pros for credibility and very well by us:) Didn’t get the story line, but never saw #2, that might be why. It was a nice evening out with some pop corn eating folks, that’s all.