1. Theres no way they are stopping at Spiderman 3 :p

  2. I giggled when I saw the dark suited, My Chemical Romance haired version of Peter Parker action doll going onto our webstore, we all just looked and thought Emo Spidey.

    Agree it was too stuffed with too many things – too busy, as my mate remarked, like they were overdoing it to try and outclass the first two movies, with the result that I thought it just wasn’t as good as those first ones. It isn’t bad, but it suffers by comparison to them as we know they can do better. And after all the hype about Gwen and Captain Stacey, major figures from the comics, they were barely used…

  3. CBA seeing spiderman 3, I’m all set for 28 weeks later on orange wednesday. It looks IMMENSE.

    I’m wa

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