My Grandad’s Funeral

General Monday 23rd April 2007

I had two days off last week to attend my Grandad’s funeral in Calverley, near Leeds. When I say funeral you’d expect a very staid and teary affair. But it was nothing like that. He was in no way a religious man (rather like myself) and had stipulated that he didn’t want a religious service. So, it was just his two sons; Peter (my Dad) and Tim speaking about their Dad to friends and family. Everything was very cheerful, we entered to In the Mood by Glenn Miller and exited to the Skye Boat Song. My Grandad was very respectful of his Scottish roots and loved holidaying in Scotland and doing proper Scottish country dancing. I’d like to think this rubbed off on me adds to why I feel so welcome in Edinburgh and Scotland in general.

This is a photo of him in the RAF (back row, 2nd from the left):


Blimey I look like him.

Afterwards we went back to my Grandma’s for tea and scones (or scoones if you’re from Yorkshire) to reminisce about times past. On the way back up north to Billingham we stopped at Thirsk for awesome fish and chips and watched two daft ducks sit in the middle of a road.



  1. There was really no need saying which one of those guys was your Grandad!

  2. aye, well, it was just in case 🙂

  3. Ye gods, yer right, it could almost be you in Brylcreme, mate! Flying Officer Ollie about to give the Bosch a damned good thrashing! Sounds like a good way to have a service, if there is a good way to do these things. Certainly beats the dismal religious services which just seem to make everyone even more upset.