Movies & TV,Reviews Friday 20th April 2007

Danny Boyle’s latest film is hugely influenced by old skool sci-fi like 2001 and Alien. Lots of slow graceful special effects shots, very reminiscent of the ballet-like docking scenes of 2001. Mixed with the claustrophobia and utility of the internal shots of the spacecraft. It has a cast of relative unknowns apart from Cillian Murphy who interestingly isn’t initially portrayed as the lead. I’d recommend seeing it at a cinema as the “solar” special effects are awesome on the big screen.

My Rating: gold stargold stargold stargold stargrey star


  1. I’m not entirely sure that any of Michelle Yeoh, Hiroyuki Sanada, Chris Evans or even Rose Byrne count as being “relatively unknown”, but definitely agree about it needing to be seen on a big screen :o)

  2. Yeah, ok, I suck at recognising people.