Pixar : 20 years of animation

Edinburgh Monday 12th March 2007

The Pixar : 20 years of animation exhibition has arrived in Edinburgh. We need to go and see this.



  1. I went to see this when it was on in the London Science Museum. Given that I had travelled down to London for a uni reunion and ended up in a museum when I could / should have been down in a pub garden somewhere, I didn’t really enjoy it, even though I was impressed by the art work.

  2. I had just been to see it with my dad before I bumped into you the other week there and we both loved it, but then we are both Seventh Day Cartoonists. The sort of thing you would expect, like the concept art, maquettes etc of course, but a couple of great installations, including an enormously wiiiiide screen presentation which is themed around a gallery of Pixar art with new animation and then there was the Zoetrope. It was deliberately designed to explain the basic principles of animation and yet it was still incredibly magical; standing in a dark room static models rotated faster and faster until hit with a strobe at the correct frequency and suddenly it comes to life and you’re looking at a real, 3-D cartoon right in front of you. We had to keep going back to look at this, it was pretty much worth the entrance on its own. My advice is go see it then have a nice cake in the Elephant House.