1. It’s an awesome film, it’s a shite film, it’s an awesome film, it’s a shite film, it’s an aweomfdsakfnmdjfnakdjfnakdjfnadk

    I’m still not sure where I stand on it.

  2. I loved it – I was wary of Aronofsky’s defensive comments before it came out here because he was getting some bad reviews in the US and at festivals – he said “it was an experience”. Alarm bells go off in my head, but actually he was right, it was an experience rather than a narrative and gorgeous to look at. Very emotional, especially if you have lost anyone special to you recently, certainly got to me. Although the goth girl behind me commented loudly to her friend as he left “esoteric bullshit”. Which was kinda rich coming from a girl made up like Neil Gaiman’s Death and covered in pagan symbols. Been to see the Illusionist yet? I dithered in the wake of the excellent Prestige, but went along mostly because Ed Norton was in it – very glad I did, superb movie.