Eye of the tiger

Me Sunday 14th January 2007

In my mission to get fitter I went for a run this morning. I had my (gleaming bright white) trainers on, trackies and a fleece. Plus my rookie style woolly hat. It started totally chucking it down when I was half way across the meadows and so I was battling along through the elements. Man, did that shower feel good when I got back in out of the wind and rain.



  1. I was just starting out on my run but after being blinded by the brightness of your trainers I had to retreat to my warm abode.

  2. I’ve realised I need to get out and start running again to lose the weight Christmas put on me.
    Opened my eyes the first morning and thought “today is not the day”.
    I think I’ll start off with a few indoor situps and walking wuth the baby up and down stairs. Maybe when it gets a little warmer I’ll get fit.