1. Ads and I just went to see Children of Men, have you seen it yet?

    Beautifully filmed and some incredibly long shots, especially the ones at the end in the buildings. Pretty disturbing though and a lot more violent than the book. In fact the only thing the two had in common was the ‘no babies’ thing and the title!

    Also saw Little Miss Sunshine – fabulous film!!

  2. I thought “The Black Dahlia” was ok, not amazing but definately passable. Kinda quirky film.

  3. Didn’t think it was that bad – looked lovely, but De Palma fell down on his usual problem: he struggles to engage with his characters. Scarlett suits that 40 glamour look though, just as Kim Basinger did in LA Confidential. You’re right on that score, though, Dahlia isn’t in the same League as that one. Good book though.