International Bakery Day

General Monday 3rd July 2006

Saturday was Kerry’s birthday and after the initial present opening and such I was dispatched for cake. Now, this couldn’t just be any cake, it had to be cake worthy of Kerry’s birthday. Coming home from work I kept noticing this strange (but kinda cool) German bakery that had opened on Leven Street. Honestly, you can’t miss it, they hang giant pretzels from their canopy.

So I ninja-ed over there and managed to get some slices of delicious cakey goodness. One black forest gateaux and one strawberry tart, yum yum. Just as I was paying they brought out some fresh Brioche, still warm from the oven, which just looked to good to pass up. With this haul of goodies I set off (carefully) home but not before I popped into the Chinese bakery next to the Cameo, as recommended by George. I got a Beef Curry bun which was a strange combination of sweet steamed bun and quite hot curry inside. Not so sure about that combination but they have plenty of others to try. Needless to say, the German cakey goodness went down well when I got home. An interesting day for food…



  1. Hi Oliver,

    I know this is completely random, but do you have a name for that Chinese bakery you mention? I’m dying for a coconut bun and can’t find anywhere that stocks ’em in Edinburgh. 🙂
    Thanks very much!

  2. Never mind – I found it. It’s called Home Bakery. Thanks!

  3. That’s the one! I was racking my brains trying to remember it!

  4. I’ve tried to go a couple of times, but it’s always closed (despite the “We’re open till 10 sign”).