Quick Fire

Me Thursday 24th November 2005

Rome: just watched last episode of season one. Wow. Can’t wait for the next season.

Days Off Work: Aces, I’m off today and tomorrow.

XUL, XML, BBQ, XPI: Firefox plugins and XUL is cool. I’m thinking about making some kind of firefox plugin and learning XUL.

Blog Tweaks: All you feed-readers might not have noticed some tweaks I’ve made lately. Come and have a look at the site!



  1. Uh, where?

  2. You wanna sex the feeds up like what I’ve done here :


  3. James:

    The side menu now has extremely subtle faded tops.

    ‘Lastest post’ on front page.

    Spammy links all grouped together on front page.

  4. I can’t see anything sexed up about that rss feed?

    My word that fade is subtle.

    Latest post and spammy links is good – makes the front a lot more interesting.

  5. Nah, I haven’t done the RSS feed. Brad was suggesting I should…

  6. Yeah, I got that, was just saying that Brad’s RSS feed was Standard McStandard – nothing sexy about it. Ya see?

  7. View the feed in a browser and you get a nice web page.

  8. Ahhh, Safari draws its own nice web pages for all feeds. Even that is stupid though – noone (should) read the feed in a browser so what’s the point in styling it? Feeds are for subscribing to.

  9. RSS nazi’s in the house!

  10. Whoah, 9 comments! This is like the biggest comment thread ever!

  11. A little whining goes a long way.