Movies & TV,Reviews Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Wow, Revolver is a total head-f**k (to put it mildly). It’s a surprisingly cerebral movie for Guy Ritchie and I’ll be honest and say that I Googled for an explanation of the plot as soon as I finished watching. Revolver is absolutely nothing like Lock Stock or Snatch other than it has Jason Statham in it and it’s vaguely about gangsters. Ritchie has definitely matured with this movie and I had to shift my brain out of comedy gangster movie mode and up a notch to take this in. I can’t really describe much of the plot without giving it away but there is lots of voice-over and innner monologue from Jason Statham. André Benjamin (from Outcast) is also very well cast in it and Vegas, as always, makes a gorgeous backdrop. I’d recommend giving it a watch, its central theme about the “ultimate con” is intriguing.

My Rating: gold stargold stargold stargrey stargrey star


  1. Bloody eh! i just finished watching the movie and doing the same thing googling for some explaination as to what the hell just happend in the movie. If you got a good explaination for me or some site that has the holy answers it would be much appreciated. This movie’s a killer on the brain and i need some answers.

    – PHINKS([email protected])

  2. i watched it 5 times to finally come to this half hearted oppnion….ive decided once you find out who the fuck is then u can build the rest of the plot around that asking ur self various questions into witch pieces of the plot dont make sense… is a charactor amde up by the chess and con masters and is also like the greed within each charactor. the casino boss trying to achieve more power by dealing with drugs..and the monk from mean machine trying to create his own buissness. hense loan shark….the only enigma i do not know is if that the chess and con master are in his head or are real charactors..either way its ingenious portrayal is mind boggling..whats up with him not liking lifts>>>confines spaces when he chose solitair confinement..these are clearly linked…but i think was put there just to be a cunt and confuse me…>>>>>>fav scene gotto be when the monk goes>>>>i wasnt taking any of that shit
    then it goes to the scene and he says…im not taking any of this shit…or the quality of simileys used…there as smart as a pair of little boys shoes..i laughed at its shitness 🙂

    i thought quinton tarentino directed it tho?