Movies & TV Sunday 4th September 2005

I just watched the first episode of the new HBO mega-series Rome. HBO are mostly known for their contemporary stuff like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under & Sex And The City. With Rome and Deadwood they are having a bash at some historical stuff and seem to be doing quite well. Deadwood has had a second series and this first episode of Rome was very engaging.

Rome also got a very British cast with him out of Dog Soliders as a Centurion and a whole bunch of others. Plus, plenty of Gladiator inspired action scenes and some well integrated special effects. It could be a promising series.



  1. The one really famous person I know – or used to know. Haven’t spoken to him in ten years. I was at the Bedlam theatre at the same time as Kev. Taught him everything he knows. Nice to see him doing so well. Git.

  2. I’ve saw the first two episodes and have enjoyed. Nice big budget show and typical HBO; sex, violence and swearing (often in combination). Though to be fair the swearing is odd (roman?) cursing.
    I just hope it isnt like most other HBO shows which grind down to a snail’s pace and become afraid to kill off leads (that’s my beef with Sopranos, six feet under).
    I’m also curious as to how historically accurate this is as i’m finding the use of real historical fuigures a little irksome (we all know what happens to Caesar if it is accurate). Then again i’m fairly ignorant so not sure if it’s “true” or not.

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