News Sunday 4th September 2005

So, hurricane Katrina turned out to be a lot worse than anyone expected. I know everyone is saying the same thing, (with a lot of passion in some cases) but it is quite amazing that the Bush administration can fund the invasion and occupancy of a country half-way around the world. Yet cannot give sufficient help to people in its own country. Lack of communication and excess red tape seems to be to blame for a lot of the delays. The post 9/11 knee-jerk reactionary Department For Homeland Security just seems to have added another level of bureacracy into the whole governmental apparatus.

A whole bunch of geeks stayed behind and and holed up on the 27th floor of a New Orleans ISP keeping a journal, which is fascinating yet scary reading. I can’t help feeling that the worlds greatest super-power has enough money, but if want to you can donate through the Red Cross.


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