Serenity Premiere

Movies & TV Thursday 25th August 2005

Last night was the premiere of Serenity which Kerry and I had managed to procure tickets for. The queue when we got there (an hour early) was already at least a hundred people and it continued to grow into the biggest queue I think I’ve ever been in for a film. The film itself was bloody great and I think stands up on its own as a fine sci-fi action film with all the usual glorious Whedon dialogue. Noticeably the entire geek populace of Edinburgh was in attendance, which included most of the regulars from the Hoose. This let to much clapping, not just at the start and the end, but at key moments which was a little strange at first.

I did read one review in Metro last week that said the special effects were “ropey”. I don’t know what crack that reviewer was smoking but I think the style of effects used in Firefly/Serenity is positively refreshing. They use lots of traditional camera effects such as objects being out of focus and rapid panning and zooming which all makes it look like a hand-held camera. Oh and I really liked the soundtrack, might have to buy it.

It looks to be released here in the UK on the 7th of October. I’ll be seeing it again and I’d recommend it to anyone else.


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