Serenity Premiere

Movies & TV Friday 15th July 2005

Jed pointed out yesterday that Serenity, the Firefly feature film, is premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival. This is a good thing, I would even go so far as saying this was a very shiny thing. Tickets went on sale today and the Film Festival website descended into a steaming puddle of slag under the weight of Firefly fans trying to get tickets. As a last resort I zoomed along to the Film House box office to be granted with a huge queue and lots of anal film fans buying 20+ tickets very slowly. Not good. I spotted both Pete and Erin in the queue. Erin was cheeky enough to pretend I was there to meet her so I “joined her in the queue” (pushed in). I completely ran out of time though, so I stuffed some cash into Erin’s hand and told her to get as many tickets as possible while I ran back up the road to work. She texted me in the afternoon to say she’d managed to get me three tickets for the Wednesday showing which is not the premiere-premiere showing, but still a kind of premier. Winnar!

Updates: Glad to see that Matthew and Neil managed to get some. Also, they’ve aranged two more showings due to the extreme demand!

Even More Updates: The Wednesday extra showing apparently sold out in ten minutes 🙂 Hope you guys grabbed some tickest. I also heard from Brad that if you were trying the website on the Friday some bookings actually went through so check your bank statement.



  1. Cheers for pointing this out mate, maybe Pete can go to the ball after all!

  2. […] There is a small ray of hope, however — cyber-junky points out that the Festival is showing two more screenings of the film, with tickets going back on sale today. There goes my lunch break. […]

  3. Damn you all!