The Inside

Movies & TV Wednesday 13th July 2005

“The Inside” is a new Fox drama created by Tim Minear & Howard Gordon who between them have directed and written for Angel, Firefly, X-Files, 24 and, er, Lois & Clark. Anyone involved in Firefly, 24 & X-Files gets my vote and the first episode is pretty good as first episodes go. The series revolves around a small team inside the FBI’s serious crimes division. The people that track serial killers, murderers and profile psychos, that kind of thing. It’s sort of a mix between CSI, Without A Trace, Seven, Silence Of The Lambs & X-Files with a dash of the Joss Whedon-esque humour thrown in. Of course, as it’s a decent Fox show not getting multi-trillion digit viewing figures they’re already threatening to cancel it. It’ll probably never see the light of day on UK terrestrial so you’ll just have to use the Internet’s various resources.


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