Make Poverty History

Edinburgh,News,Photography Monday 4th July 2005

Kerry and I did a bit of the Make Poverty History march on Saturday and then mooched around the meadows for a bit, soaking up the atmosphere. It did feel good to part of something big, the amount of people involved was huge. When we got back to the Meadows (thinking we were the last to go around) there were still five huge queues of people waiting just to start off! I took lots of photos, which are available to view in pictures. We didn’t see any of the “trouble”. Although when we were waiting for the bus home, five police vans screamed past us towards Buccleuch street, probably something to do with this.



  1. Like me – I didn’t do the whole thing either, but I’m glad I went for the time I did. Today’s rammy up the town kind of took the shine off it a bit for me though.

    Anyway, can I ask you, what plug-in do you use for your photos? They’re integrated beautifully into your site. Unfortunately mine’s not quite so slick; I use the “LazyBoy” one ( which is okay, but I can’t get the thumbnails to line up all nicely like yours. I think I may have said it before – but I love your design!

    Kind regards

  2. Croila,
    I’m afraid all my gallery stuff is custom code 🙂 The thumbnail view is all done just using css, check out the code for yourself on that page. I should really tidy up the gallery code and some point and provide a download.