Batman Begins

Movies & TV Saturday 25th June 2005
batman begins

Awesome, totally up there with Spiderman 2 in the brilliant comic book movie list. There is a lot of story before batman becomes the batman we know, kicking ass in Gotham City. It’s all good though as this mostly involves ninja training, more ninjas and amazing scenery in the far east. Christian Bale is pretty awesome as the Bat and he certainly looks the part with his chiselled looks. The casting of other characters is also great; Michael Caine as Alfred, Morgan Freeman as the bat weapons expert and Rutger Hauer as the evil company chairman. The batmobile in this movie is quite a change from the streamlined, sleak versions of earlier movies. It’s more like a souped-up tank, which kicks ass :). The only downsides were Bale’s silly “batman voice” and the lack of the original batman theme.


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