Footer Fixing

Me,Meta Monday 21st March 2005

I finally fixed up the footer over the weekend to display properly in IE & Safari. It had been bugging me for a while but displayed perfectly in everything else. Giving the right footer div a width property seemed to fix it. For some reason IE & Safari were collapsing it down to the width of the link images.

I also managed to fit in a ton of work on the GameSoc re-design. It’s all top secret at the moment but I’m sure I’ll be blabbing about it once it’s finished 🙂



  1. Ooh, looks good, but you might want a look at it in mozilla, the title and “next lan” stuff at the top is misplaced.

    Not so top secret if you tell me the url 😉

    I can see how you could do a starcraft or RA2 theme, but are 3d shooters going to be a problem?

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