Updates a-go-go

Meta Tuesday 14th December 2004

I’ve finally cobbled together some kind of ‘About’ section, you can get to it over on the right there. In it you’ll also find the “design archive” (pretentious enough?) of past cyber-junky layouts. My amazon wishlist if also now linked from the sidebar, as is a paypal link and a brand new section of Projects. At the moment urbanart is the only one but I hope to get a few more up soon, including:

  • A demo of my ‘Collaborative Online Document Management Framework’ dissertation project
  • More amazon xml api searching fun
  • My latest toy, an online task list manager
  • Fun with php image generation
  • and much, much more…

One comment

  1. You’ve given me an idea. I need to trawl through lots of old designs and make a similar type page. I think I’ve gone through 2-3 designs for the last 7 years or so. Urgh.