Movies & TV Monday 20th September 2004

Kerry and I went to see Hellboy last night and damn it was good. I read the graphic novels a few months back and was pretty impressed. The stories have everything you’d want: nazis, the occult, general mythology, demons, secret government projects, more nazis, crazy nazis, clockwork nazis and some more bonkers nazis. I was pretty hooked and ploughed through all of the trade paperbacks quickly. Anyhoo, the film certainly lives up the novels and they didn’t tone it down a bit. Thankfully the crazy nazi characters are still there and have not been turned into comedy villains (a la Indiana Jones). Ron Perlman was made for this role, its just like they painted him red and he became hellboy. Great fun, although I’m amazed it’s only rated 12, in places it’s pretty nasty.

Just remembered, there was a trailer for Blade 3 (trinity) on aswell. It actually looks pretty good. I really didn’t think the blade franchise would last long but I was impressed by the freshness of the Blade 2. Maybe they’ll pull it off again.


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