New Design Musings

Meta Wednesday 14th July 2004


What do you think?

Its a bit plain at the moment, but I’m lovin’ the fixed-width centred column look. I really want a largish image on there somewhere (with my own photos) and some nice vertical scrolling for the blog text. I may try moving away from shades of grey (gasp!). Basically I just want cyber-junky to be my blog and then I’ve got a separate portfolio site in the works. I’ve also got to put some effort into the ninjahosting site and finish the “ninja gallery” that Alex, Ian and I are supposed to be developing.



  1. Very nice Olly. Drop shadow ahoy!

    Some navigation on the bottom right of the top photo might be nice. In white.

  2. I’m mostly in favour, with obligatory “somewhat broken in Opera” reservations.