End Of An Era

Work Monday 5th July 2004

Yesterday was my last day working at waterstones. I will miss the retail shenanigans. Mainly the other people at work and the nice customers. Working in a bookshop is a pretty good job for the retail sector but the pay and prospects are pretty non-existent. It was just my summer job anyway, the stuff I’m doing at scotweb I actually, like, enjoy doing. So, I’m getting paid for doing stuff I enjoy, which is the whole point I think.

In other earth shattering news I’ve had a haircut. My parents are up tomorrow for pre-graduation stuff and then the big day on Wednesday. Good news is that Kerry got a ticket in the extra ticket lottery thing. She jumped around for a bit giggling when she found out .


One comment

  1. Eeeesh… women eh… over-react at the slightest thing.
    Oooh.. I got a new Modded case
    *jumping around the room*