Two To Go

University Wednesday 21st April 2004

I had more exam shenanigans this morning. Computer Networking was on the menu for 10am. I felt pretty confident for this one, I had remembered loads of useless stuff that I’ll never, ever need again. The lecturer though, had other ideas. He obviously read my mind just before the exam and all the questions were on things that I hadn’t revised. Marvellous! Plus, all the questions were waffley tat, which normally I love, but for this I had actually learnt the details. But he didn’t want them! Arg! Oh well, I wasn’t going to get a first anyway…


One comment

  1. aarghhh! I hate lecturers that do that.
    I’ve got a nightmare with a module at the moment that’s not been taught to us… and the revision topics are so vague that we’ve basically got to learn everything there is to know about networking and it’s history from conception back in BC 280 or something stupid. To top it off we have to know everything there is to know about distributed computing and the base level socket intercommunication.
    my first has also just gone down the plug hole. 4 Weeks to exams and I’m already in brown trousers.